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For a more comprehensive list of treatments and packages, please call with us and discuss your requirements.


Sea Essential and Spa Prestige Facial Treatments
Our unique Sea Essential and Spa Prestige Facial Treatments begin with a relaxing back massage and an application of self heating marine mud to the spine, this increases relaxation and the receptivity of the treatment. During the active mask stage your therapist will perform a scalp massage to complete your experience.
Sea Essential Anti-aging treatment £50.00
Sea Essential Soothing Facial £40.00
Sea Essential Purifying Treatment £40.00
Marine Discovery Facial £22.50
Marine Pearl Moisturising Facial £38.00
Sea Essential Marine Pearl Moisturising
Facial £44.00
Spa Prestige Moisturising Treatment £55.00
Spa Prestige Ogenage Anti-aging
Treatment £56.00
Eye Contour Treatment £18.00
Serenity Luxury/Holistic Facial £46.00
Sea Holistic Radiance Face and Body Treatment £59.00
M.D.'s Classic Glycolic Facial Peel £30.00
Course of 6 £150.00

ADDITIONS - The following can be combined with any appropriate facial and body treatments

Steam Cleansing and Extraction £5.00
Milia Extraction £6.50
Pressure Point Head Massage £12.50
Luxury Spa Ocean Glow £17.50
Eye Contour Treatment £16.50
Back Tension Massage £14.50
Self Heating Marine Mud Applications £10.00

From Jane Iredale Cosmetics
So effective it is recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals.
Before all make up applications your face will be professionally cleansed, toned and moisturised.

Day/Evening Application (45min) £14.50
Make-up Application Lesson (60min) £20.00
Wedding Make-up (inc. Trial) £27.00
Application of False Eyelashes
(After make-up) + £5.00


Sea Essential Moisturising, Soothing
or Purifying Facial (1hr 30mins) £40.00
Sea Essential Anti-aging facial £50.00
Express Purifying Facial (45min) £22.50
Facial Detox (60min) £35.00

Detox Body Wrap £40.00
Contouring Body Wrap £40.00
Remineralising Body Wrap £40.00

Anti Cellulite Body Smoothing £40.00
Luxury Spa Ocean Glow £19.00
Marine Discovery Back Treatment £24.50

Sea Holistic Radiance Face and Body Treatment £59.00
Sea Holistic Radiance Spa Body Treatment £46.00
Traditional Full Body Massage £30.00
Invigorating ad Relaxing Full Body Massage £33.00
Back Tension Massage £16.00
Luxury Back Massage £21.00
Stress Therapy Massage £29.00
Serenity Wellness Massage £25.00
Ayurvedic Massage £30.00
Indian Head Massage £20.00
Hopi Ear Candle £20.00
Oriental Acupressure - Pressure Point Head Massage £15.00
Aromatherapy Massage £36.00
Hot Stone Therapy Back Massage £25.00
Stone Therapy Full Body
Treatment £45.00
Deluxe Stone Therapy £55.00
Reflexology - Zone Therapy
Treatment £24.00
Indian Head and Reflexology Combined £40.00

Platinum Detox Revolutionary Foot Spa
Treatment £30.00

Fake Bake Tanning System,
Exfoliation Included
Organic Fake Bake, the favourite instant tanning Product of America, adored by celebrities.
Full Body Tan (1hr 15min) £28.50
Half Body Tan (45min) £18.00

St. Tropez Self Tanning,
Exfoliation Included
Full Body Tan (1hr 15min) £28.50
Half Body Tan (45min) £18.00

California Spray Tanning
Full Body Application £25.00
Upper Body Application £17.00
Legs Only Application £12.00

Hair removal using a gentle Tea Tree Cream Wax with natural antiseptic, moisturising and soothing properties.
Or the gentle Traditional Hot Wax method, great for sensitive areas or a stronger hair growth.

We offer a full waxing service using either Strip waxing or traditional Hot Wax treatments, prices range from £4.50 to £33.00 For further details and price please call.

Eyeliner, Eyebrows & Lip Liner £150.00

A medically approved method of hair removal, using sterex equipment and disposable needles (Free initial consultation)
10 mins or less £7.00
15 mins £10.00
20 mins £12.00
30 mins £18.00

Please note:
an allergy test is required 24 hours prior to tinting
Eyelash Tint (25min) £7.00
Eyebrow Tint (10min) £4.50
Eyelash & Brow Tint (25min) £10.00
Eyebrow Wax/Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint £16.00
Eye Contour Treatmen (30min) t £18.00
Semi Permanent Eyelashes
(1hr 30min) £60.00
(Top up £40.00)

(Please add £1 when receiving French Polish)
Express Manicure (File & Paint) £7.00
Change of Polish £5.50
Mini me - Little darlings quick polish
(4-10 year olds) £5.00
Nail Crystals £0.30 each
Luxury Creative Spa Manicure £16.50
Deluxe Creative Spa Manicure £20.00
Shellac 2 week manicure by CND,
on like Polish, wears like Gel
£20 - Colour

£22 - French

Bio Sculpture Gel Overlays
Coloured Gel £25.00
French £27.00
In-Fills £20.00
Single Overlay £4.00
Soak off a full set and condition £9.95
Express Nails £15.00
Pre Airbrushed Express Nails £18.00
Removal of Express Nails £10.50
Nail Art - Prices available on request
Express Pedicure (File & Paint) £7.50
Change of Polish £5.50
Inbetweeny £9.00
Luxury Spa Pedicure £19.50
Deluxe Spa Pedicure £24.00
Callus Hard Skin Removal Treatment £14.50
Add on to a Luxury Pedicure £11.50
Add on to a Deluxe Pedicure £10.50

Upper Lip £4.50
Face £10.00
Other areas available, Prices on request.


Spa Delight
- Luxury Spa Ocean Glow, remineralising body wrap topped off with a marine pearl moisturising facial treatment (3hrs 15min) £89.00
Stress Buster
- Stress therapy massage, followed by a relaxing Marine Discovery Facial (1hr 45min) £47.00
Serenity Indulgence
- Full body massage, luxury holistic facial, light lunch, luxury Creative Spa manicure and a deluxe spa pedicure (6hrs) £110.00
Serenity Supreme
- Stone therapy full body massage, Spa prestige moisturising Facial, Light Lunch, Deluxe manicure and express pedicure (5hrs 45min) £118.00
Beautiful Brides
- Luxury Spa Ocean Glow, Marine discovery Facial, Eyelash tint, eyebrow tint and eye brow wax, Deluxe creative spa manicure and finally a luxury spa pedicure (4hrs 30min) £89.00


Formal/Bridal Party Special - Golden spray tan (the previous day), make-up application, file and paint of your fingernails £40.00
Men's Exclusive
- Relaxing stress therapy massage followed by an Express Purifying facial (1hr 45min) £47.00
Prepare for Fun in the Sun - 1/2 leg, bikini line and underarm wax, an eyebrow wax and eyelash tit, topped off with a file and paint of hands and feet (2hrs 30min) £47.00
Mums to be - or Just for Me!
- (you don't have to be pregnant to enjoy this one!) Adapted Relaxing back massage or legs, feet and ankles, Marine Discovery Facial, Luxury Pedicure, Bikini Line tidy (2hrs 30min) £59.50
Teenage Tasters - Marine Discovery Facial with a file and paint of the finger nails (1hr 15min) £26.50

We would kindly request that in the best interests of all our clients and to promote pure relaxation for everyone that we be advised of any health conditions such as pregnancy, allergies or injuries which could affect your treatment. Mobile phones are to be switched off on entering the salon. Children under 10 are not allowed upstairs in Serenity, For bookings of 3 hours+ a deposit may be required. We require 24 hours notice of cancellation or we regret a 50% charge may apply. Prices are subject to change.
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